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Skin/Cover Choice


Listed below are some of the skins we offer as part of the re-skinning service. Let us know what camera you want re-skinned and we will let you know if the skins are available. Not every camera can be re-skinned.


Re-Skinning Prices start at £85 for a Compact like the Rollei 35, £115 for rangefinders and SLR's and £175 for Medium Format Cameras. The skins are extra.

Choose the skin you would like from the selection below and when you come to order the service select the chosen skin from the drop down menu under 're-skin colour options'. This will add the cost to the service for you to check out. 

Skin Prices start from £16 (small compact), £18.50 (SLR) and £35 (Medium Format) depending on which camera they are for and which ones you choose. The more exotic the skin the more they cost as a rule. 


These prices are in addition to the re-skinning service. 

Please also bear in mind the colours you see are relevant to you monitor so may not be exactly as you see as we cannot guarantee the accuracy of your display.

Skins come from The USA and Japan so it normally takes between 2-3 weeks from order for them to arrive and a further week for them to be fitted.

***Please Note There are two sections (Non Animal Skins and Synthetic Reptile Skins) where no Animal Product is used at all. They are essentially Man Made but appear very authentic*** 

Re-Skin/Cover Choices
listed below are a variety of skins from non animal skins to leather skins made to look reptilian to genuine reptile skins.


Non-Animal Skin Covers 

Leather Effect - from £15

Genuine Leather - from £16.50

Recovery Leather - from £15

Angus Re-cycled Leather - from £15

Vintage Leather - from £15

Genuine Lizard Skin - from £65

Synthetic Reptile skin - Lizard effect

from £15.00

Snake Skin (Re-cycled Leather) - from £15.00

Crocodile (Re-cycled Leather) - from £18.00

Japanese Lizard Skins (Cowhide) - from £18.50

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