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Meters & Batteries

I get asked about batteries and meters a lot. So here are a few tips, please feel free to contact me for any clarification as I do not accept returns because the buyer is unable to figure out how to get the right battery combination on a fully working camera:

All our Cameras are tested and where appropriate calibrated to work within approximately 1 stop of a handheld meter, routinely closer than that  but on occasion not. 

Rollei 35 Meters: The meters on these cameras have a fairly narrow width somewhere between spot and centre weighted. So they will not meter exactly like a handheld meter. It is not uncommon for them to be about a stop out from a handheld meter. This makes little or no difference to Colour Negative or Black and White film. For Colour Transparency I would always recommend a hand held meter for best results. The meters are useful rather than definitive but perfectly acceptable for everyday photography, all the cameras we sell have functioning meters. 


Rollei 35, T & S models: Originally intended to use 1.35v mercury batteries which are no longer made most have been calibrated to use 1.5v batteries. I use Energiser EPX625G Alkaline batteries which are good, reliable and last for a decent amount of time.


An option is to use Wein Cell 1.35v mercury free batteries. These are good but are expensive and have a shorter life. I do have a stock of these available in the shop in the accessories section.  

Adapters are available. They are expensive but do the job. Avoid the cheap ones available on eBay, they tend not to be reliable. I have a stock of good adapters in the shop that are excellent. 

Rollei 35 TE/SE & LED models. The same issue on 1.35v batteries applies to these cameras. The difference is that they take a different battery from the other models - the PX27A. This is a 1.5v battery and in many instances work fine. These are available for sale from £15 each. However some cameras work better using a combination that uses a combination of 3 x LR44 or SR44 batteries and 1 x LR43 or SR43 battery. Many of the TE/SE models we sell use this type of set up. Alternatively where metering is more than a stop out there are adapters that deploy 4 x 675 batteries. These work fine but are expensive.


I have a stock of high quality adapters available that allow for 4xLR43/SR43 battery or a combination of LR43/44 &675 batteries from the store, under the accessory tab. 

Nikon cameras normally work well with standard batteries available from any wholesale/retail outlet. However the Olympus OM1 & OM2 were originally intended to be used with 1.35v mercury batteries so they may need a quick fix which is easily carried out by a qualified technician. 

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