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Film Furbish is a story of Lockdown. I am a professional photographer who has been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery (see my work at and on Instagram @JeremyRata. I have a book out called Afghan Faces which I did in collaboration with John Casson a well known philanthropist.


I started Film Furbish during the Lockdown in March 2020 from my Kitchen table in Headingley, Leeds.


I have a long held passion for Film Photography and have used Leicas and Rolleiflex TLR's extensively but always wanted a Rollei 35 but never got round to buying one. With the onset of COVID19 and with all my commissions cancelled I decided to buy one anyway and use it to take family photographs during lockdown. It was love at first site. I soon realised that buying one randomly is a risky business and that this copy needed servicing, so I sent it to the ex-Rollei factory trained technician that services my Rolleiflexes and he put it back in order.


I have set about building my collection of not only Rollei's & Rolleiflexes but also a collection of Nikon, Leica and Olympus classic cameras all of which are serviced and refurbished and will be added to this site all the time.


I am also selling a service/CLA and re-trimming service and a host of accessories that are rare and difficult to find. Please visit my shop on this site. 

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