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The Film Furbish Camera Guarantee

All cameras come with a 12 month non-transferable guarantee,  (in other words if you sell the camera it will no longer have a FilmFurbish Guarantee). 

The camera must receive at least one service via us for this warranty to remain valid. 

The guarantee covers all internal mechanical parts. 

The following areas are not covered: The lens glass condition (collimation is covered however), operational damage to the 
lens barrel and mechanisms, the light meter, any electrical internal circuits, all external moving parts (including all levers, the shutter and aperture speed dials, and all moving parts on the external base or the back plate).

The external body parts are not covered for damage, dents or scratches. The strap and the case and the strap attachment plate are also not covered under the 12 month warranty.

All non camera items/accessories such as cases, filters, hoods and caps are not covered with a guarantee unless specifically stated.  

Once notified of a fault you have 7 days to confirm shipping. This is important, after that period lapses the return will no longer be valid and notification of faults encountered will need to be reconfirmed for the camera to qualify for repair under warranty. Feel free to contact us if you require more time to return the camera, but the camera must be returned within the warranty period specified on the warranty card supplied with the camera for it to be covered. 

Any faults or malfunctions are not covered once the warranty expires. 

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