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Rollei 35S - Silver Anniversary Edition - Condition: Mint-

Rollei 35S - Silver Anniversary Edition - Condition: Mint-

SKU: SKU#2183

Rollei 35S - Silver Anniversary Edition - Condition: Mint/Mint-

(see definitions tab for condition rating explanation)


In beautiful condition and working perfectly. Very rare and a collectors classic as well as a highly usuable camera. 


5000 of this limited edition were released. A metal plate, that could be engraved with the owners name was inserted in a designated space behind the leather on the right side of the camera's back. Most have been engraved but this one has the plate unmarked and in tact which is increasingly rare and sought after.


All cameras will have received a full CLA and receive a pre delivery inspection to ensure they are working perfectly. A full Mechanical parts & labour warranty for 12 months is included in the price.


A roll of 36 exposure Rollei Film is included in the box. 



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