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Rollei 35 Tessar/Triotar 24mm Red Filter- Brand New

Rollei 35 Tessar/Triotar 24mm Red Filter- Brand New


Light Red Filter for the Rollei 35 Tessar/Triotar Lens - 24mm - Brand New


New to the UK and availble exclusively on the FilmFurbish website these excellent filters, made  by The GreenlFilter Company are extremely high quality and are perfect for the Rollei 35 Tessar & Triotar Lenses. 


They are brand new in the case and provide an excellent solution fo the hard to find colour filters for Rollei Tessar/Triotar lenses. 


A red filter can create bold and dramatic effects. Blue skies are now recorded as black on the print, resulting in an impending thunderstorm effect. Pictures of mixed material buildings gain drama and clarity. A red filter will also give marked penetration of haze and fog. When used with a film like [SFX] it can create an infrared style look.


An absolute must have for the B&W film shooter. 

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