Zeiss Super Ikonta - 531/16 Novar - Exc+

Zeiss Super Ikonta - 531/16 Novar - Exc+


CARL ZEISS - SUPER IKONTA - 531/16 75mm f3.5 Novar Astigmat  Condition: Exc+

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A collectable Pre War Medium Format German Folding Camera with a Carl Zeiss 75mm f3.5  lens Novar Astigmat Triplet Lens and a Compur Shutter.


The Zeiss Super Ikonta 531 cameras date back to the 1930's, this one is pre war. The camera has been serviced and ready to use.

The coupled rangefinder is clear and is a little stiff but working well whilst showing its age and the viewfinder is clear for framing. The bellows is in very good condition and without light leaks.


The Film format is 120, and you get 16 4'5x6 frames per roll


This camera is very collectable.  In good overall condition and working beautifully it shows signs of use. 


A full Mechanical parts & labour warranty for 12 months is included in the price.