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The Canon Auto Up - Close Range Adapter - For 50mm f1.8 or Serenar.

The Canon Auto Up - Close Range Adapter - For 50mm f1.8 or Serenar.


The Canon Auto Up - Close Range Adapter - For 50mm f1.8 or Serenar f1.9 - Condition:Mint-


In lovely condition. 40">22" Range


This rare and unusual accessory make Portraiture and close up Photography on Canon Rangefinders easy.


Nearly all rangefinder cameras have a problem with close-up
photography. The problems are focus distance and parallax.

Because the viewfinder is offset from the lens the closer you get to your subject the
less accurate is the viewfinder. That is the problem of parallax.


In addition, the lens is coupled to the rangefinder only for the focus range of the lens. If you move closer, the rangefinder ceases to be useful.


Canon’s solution to these problems was a device they called the Auto-Up. It consisted of a close-up lens that was placed over the camera lens and a much larger lens that the rangefinder and viewfinder looked through.


The added lens moved the focus range of the camera closer to the subject. The larger rectangular lens was calibrated to bring the rangefinder back to accuracy for the closer distances. Parallax was also adjusted and reduced in severity.


The first Model, called simply the Auto-Up was “for ‘Serenar’ f/1.9 50mm Lens 40″ > 22″ ”

The next model was identical. The name engraved on it was “Canon Auto-Up” but it was for the Canon Lens 50mm f/1.8. This was the rigid lens that replaced the F/1.9 Serenar. It too was for distance of 40″ to 22″. Canon Serenar Auto Ups can be used perfectly normally on the Canon 50mm f1.8 LTM lens.

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