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Rollei 35S - Ferrari Red Special Limited Edition/Black Lizard skin - Mint

Rollei 35S - Ferrari Red Special Limited Edition/Black Lizard skin - Mint

SKU: SKU#2141

Rollei 35S - Ferrari Red Special Limited Edition/Black Lizard Skin - Mint

(see definitions tab for condition rating explanation)


Lens Serial No: 2524152


A Limited Special Edition Rollei. Only brass construction cameras are selected for this process.


The camera is dismantled, completely overhauled and put back together by a Rollei trained technician. The top and bottom are sent away to our Ceramacist to be stripped, dents removed and resprayed in Red ceramic paint.  The camera is then reassembled, dressed in the faux lizard skin from the Japan to make sure it looks beautiful and is working flawlessly.


In absolutely stunning condition and working flawlessly. The camera comes in a Presentation Box, with the relevant accessories (Leatherette Rollei Soft Pouch, Rollei Hand Strap, High Quality Soft Shutter Release Button, Hot Shoe Spirit Level Cover and a fresh Battery).


A full Mechanical parts & labour warranty for 12 months is included in the price.


A roll of 36 exposure Rollei Film is included in the box. 


Please note: All cameras can be reskinned in a different colour if required. See reskinning service tab. 


nb. the images of the presentation box are for demonstration purposes only. You will receive the camera you order in an identical and beautiful presentation box, just the camera depicted in that particular image will be substituted with your camera. 

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