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Olympus OM1n - Black - Condition: Exc+++

Olympus OM1n - Black - Condition: Exc+++


Olympus OM1n - Black - Condition: Exc+++


Serial No: 2126697


All of these cameras have been serviced and overhauled by a technician that specialises in Nikon and Olympus Cameras to ensure they work perfectly. 


In lovely overall condition and working beautifully. It comes in a Presentation Box, with the relevant accessories (Shoe 4 Hotshoe, Leather Half Case, Strap and a fresh Battery).


A full Mechanical parts & labour warranty for 12 months is included in the price.


A roll of 36 exposure Ilford HP5 Film is included in the box.


Please note: All cameras can be reskinned in a different colour if required. See reskinning service tab. nb. the images of the presentation box are for demonstration purposes only. You will receive the camera you order in the box not the camera depicted.

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